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  • What types of invention can be patented? Like the invention of the first telephone using electromagnetic force, in order to be eligible for a patent, an invention must fall within the main classes of inventions, such as articles or machines of manufacture, process such as how a product is manufactured or treated, or composition of matter.
  • We are cutting-edge legal advisors and intellectual property experts , delivering new and innovative insight and services to our clients. Whether procuring the rights to a new idea or protecting ownership of an existing one, our copyright and patent attorneys bring experience, knowledge, creativity, and analytical rigor to every relationship, while preparing specifications and drawings, etc. (term : 20yrs from the filing date of application)
  • BM (Business Model) Patents
  • An extensive variety of BM patents are granted. The BM refers to the business method or business idea. Therefore, a BM patent is a type of Internet-related invention, which combines an idea or innovation with the business method or business system over the Internet. (term : 20 years from the date of application)
  • Written requirements for specification for BM application
  • 1) The detailed description as to how the business method will be implemented over the Internet should be made.
  •     (Detailed flow charts attached)
  • 2) The detailed description of the hardware system to carry out the business method should be made.
  •     (System drawings of the implementation technology on the Internet)
  • 3) The detailed effects of the business method should be described.
  • 4) The description of the prior arts should be made.
  • Utility Model
  • The subject matter of utility model is a device relating to the shape, structure or a combination of articles with a technical creation, for example, a combination of the separated telephone transmitter with receiver.
  • The realization of an invention requires perseverance and efforts of an inventor. More importantly, the invention should be patented and righted in order to protect the inventor's rights. We are confident that we are able to offer highly specialized services to you. (term : 10yrs from the filing date of application)

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